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IOW, if you DO decide to 'go for the gusto' and attempt this, do it in a VM (VirtualBox) instead of breaking your REAL system. Besides, the boot screen is what makes the different distros stand out from each other, in their own way.

As for myself, if I'm actually sitting down at the PC while it boots, I just press an arrow key to see what it's REALLY doing - especially on the 32-bit dinosaur...


Cheers crunch ;)

Ok I'll leave it be, thanks for the advice. :D 

I'm sure I'll get over and stick it out for the  seconds.

The grey loading screen uses Plymouth. I don't recommend you play with this, this is one of the areas I class under 'some that require indepth knowledge of how linux works'. This can play havoc with your video drivers and resolution. It's not something I would be prepared to support if it goes all pear shaped you. It is a nightmare to troubleshoot.

I did state I changed the boot splash screen, but this was from the options already pre-installed.  It's just I want to change or get rid of the loading screen which is grey and has the empty penguin logo and preferrably replace it with the one I had chosen, instead of it being loaded after - which to me seems a tad pointless.


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