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Linux Lite is a heavily modified operating system, there will be some thing you can change easily, some that require indepth knowledge of how linux works, and others you can't. The boot splash is custom. You mention "...and then the boot splash screen I chose loads up just..." is this one you installed yourself? And yes, a seperate thread under Hardware, Video Cards for your other enquiry. Cheers.

So I'm well into changing features on my OS, and was wondering about the boot splash screen?

Now I know there's a panel that you can change the splash screen and I have done so but it doesn't seem to be the part I want to change.  I figure the definition of a boot splash screen is the one that is viewed when the OS is booting up, however, I get the plain looking grey one with the loading bar - that is really dull in my opinion - and then the boot splash screen I chose loads up just before my desktop wallpaper appears.

I'm fine with the plain command-line interface of Grub (where I choose OS to boot up right), it's just the ugly grey one that appears before this I would like to change?

Answers would be appreciated thanks.  Also, my screen resolution is 1024 by 768 on XP and would like the same on Linux but I'm not given the option (it's only an ever so slight cut off at the top of my screen) not bothered so much, so I don't think I'll create a new topic.  However, shouldn't I be able to change it, it seems only to allow 1024x576.


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