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Computer wont restart properly

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Brayden zero:
I wasnt able to boot the older kernels but i tried a fresh install and it works fine, i was able to get all the files I need as well. Thank you for the help

Depending on how often you remove old kernels, you may have a choice of kernel versions - the most recent at the top.
Selecting an older kernel will attempt to boot the full system using that kernel.

Each available kernel should have a recovery mode option.
Selecting recovery mode should allow you to opt for various utilities to attempt freeing disk space, fixing packages, checking disks etc., which may be useful if you know what caused the problem and then will attempt to boot a minimal system using just basic services - so without advanced graphics etc.

In your situation, I'd attempt a full (non-recovery mode) boot with an older kernel, just in case your problem was triggered by a kernel upgrade.

Brayden zero:
When booting, when at the grub screen can you choose advanced options and perhaps try the recovery mode option.[/quote]
Ok i was able to get to the advanced options and recovery mode, but am not sure what options to choose on the recovery menu. Also I misspoke earlier, I,m running LL 5.4
I was also able to got all the files I needed off my computer using a live boot.


--- Quote from: Brayden zero on January 29, 2023, 02:12:38 AM ---I havent had any issues prior to this restart, and didnt upgrade my version os. I dont have dual boot, just LL 5.9.1

--- End quote ---

@Brayden zero
LL 5.9.1 - I'm assuming LL5.8?
The nouveau is typically a video driver of sorts. Perhaps installed or enabled something for nvida?

When booting, when at the grub screen can you choose advanced options and perhaps try the recovery mode option.
Else like @stevef mentions may want to try a timeshift restore if you have a recent copy.....

First off, if you don't already have copies, use the live boot to recover to a safe place all important data that you need from the installation that won't boot.

Once that's done, if you were using a system backup/recovery tool like Timeshift on the system you can attempt to roll it back to previous states to see if the problem resolves.  The method will depend on what backup/recovery schemes you have.

If that's not an option, you may need to try a fresh install.  If the fresh install boots ok, make a system backup before doing any updates.


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