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Ok I initially had problems with shutting down after I used NDISWRAPPER. I managed to change the etc/init.d/halt script and I was able to shutdown with no problems.
Then I decided that I wanted to make a shutdown icon and place it on the desktop. While I attempt this a suggestion pops up but when I try it, It gives me more options to as restart shutdown etc. So I am trying to avoid so many steps I want to shutdown directly.
So I have tested many commands to use for this on the command window and most of them hang my machine.
It does not hang when I use the GUI as I said. What is the command that is evoked when I click shutdown on the GUI?
I want to use the same one for my special OFF button.

OK so I just found that
sudo shutdown -h now
works for me but when I go to "create launcher" in the command section I write this line of code and nothing happens
If I use the terminal directly it works
I sense that I am almost there

That idea actually makes the shutdown process more cumbersome. You'll have to enter a password each time you want to shutdown. Personally I would avoid this like the plague, the conventional way is 2 clicks, how bad is that really.

OK this one worked for me  ;D

Xfce4-session-logout --halt

You have to double click it for it to work.
I have no problem with this I just didnt want to be prompted with more options.


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