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Can't access Windows Vista - boot menu

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--- Quote from: N4RPS ---Bad enough his Vista install is now gone as it is. No need to beat the poor fellow up about it...
--- End quote ---

Yeah, after I wrote the post I wondered if it might come across a little more harsh then I meant for it to be.  I was trying to make a point, but didn't intend for it to sound mean.


Hopefully you're still around.  My apologies if post came off a bit too snippy -- was not meant as a personal attack, so please don't think that.

Do try following the instructions from the post I referred to for getting your data back.  You should be able to recover much of it, but it might take some time.  After that, if you have questions or need advise on best way to install, feel free to ask.

Hope you're able to get the data back.

P.s.  As N4RPS said, don't feel too bad -- we've all had our fair share of mess-ups when first starting out -- and I'm certainly no exception to that.


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