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Black Screen When Turning on Computer

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I installed Linux Lite 5.0 the other day and now I am I getting a black screen when trying to turn on my computer.

I was using Google Maps on Firefox and the computer froze up. I manually shut it down, and now I am getting the black screen.

I have tried hitting esc key and holding down the right shift key right after I turn it on and can't get anything to show up.

Any suggestions?

Just to be sure... do you get ANYTHING before the blackscreen?
If so, what's the last thing you see beforehand.

Also, do you have multiple monitors and/or videocard outputs?

I get nothing, just the blackscreen.

I just have the one monitor and videocard output.

I know my monitor works as it works with another PC.

Thank you.

Solved! Took apart the PC, removed some dust, unplugged and plugged back in some cords, and it works again!

Nice! I was going to say it's a hardware issue since there was no display at all. ;)
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