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Black Screen Turning Laptop on, on Battery


If it is not outputting to an eternal monitor, then that rules out the LCD as the culprit. If the LCD was broken, it would still output to an external monitor. The external video port is connected to the motherboard, meaning that the issue is most likely a problem with the motherboard or a GPU chip on the motherboard. Either way its not good news. You can always check the power adapter, ensure its working. Pull the CMOS. But im guessing its Nox Vidmate VLC a faulty motherboard.


Second post I see here with same issue and also a Ryzen config.

A quick gogole search indeed shows you are not alone, there is a similar bug reported in Ubuntu forums :

Other posts mentions to try and remove the battery, is removable, which is not really useful.
But, a post mentions to try and change display output with an external monitor plugged in.
This could be useful, I would also try to just trying the "Function Key + Change Monitor output key" without any other monitor plugged in, maybe this could "do" something.

I've came back to Linux Lite because I was missing how great it was on my computers. I'm having an issue with my new laptop that I use for college and personal uses. When I plug in the charger in my laptop it boots up just fine but when I unplug the laptop and turn it on I get a black screen. I've done an update and still no fixed.

Boot Process:HP logo Black scree Linux Lite boot screen Black screen
Boot Process on Charger:HP logo Black screen Linux Lite boot screen Black screen LightDM Desktop

I've tried other distros and never had this problem unless I had my monitor plugged in and installed it, but I had nothing plugged in except the USB drive.Here is the laptop specs:           
             .-/+oossssoo+/-.                                 [email protected]         `:+ssssssssssssssssss+:`                         -------------
      -+ssssssssssssssssssyyssss+-                    OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS x86_64
    .ossssssssssssssssssdMMMNysssso.               Host: HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cw1xxx
   /ssssssssssshdmmNNmmyNMMMMhssssss/      Kernel: 5.4.0-47-generic
  +ssssssssshmydMMMMMMMNddddyssssssss+     Uptime: 10 mins
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhmNMMMNhssssssss/    Packages: 1934 (dpkg)
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Shell: bash 5.0.17
+sssshhhyNMMNyssssssssssssyNMMMysssssss+   Resolution: 1920x1080
ossyNMMMNyMMhsssssssssssssshmmmhssssssso   DE: Xfce
ossyNMMMNyMMhsssssssssssssshmmmhssssssso   WM: Xfwm4
+sssshhhyNMMNyssssssssssssyNMMMysssssss+   WM Theme: Adapta
.ssssssssdMMMNhsssssssssshNMMMdssssssss.   Theme: Adapta [GTK2], Adwaita [GTK3]
 /sssssssshNMMMyhhyyyyhdNMMMNhssssssss/    Icons: Papirus-Adapta [GTK2], Adwait
  +sssssssssdmydMMMMMMMMddddyssssssss+     Terminal: xfce4-terminal
   /ssssssssssshdmNNNNmyNMMMMhssssss/      Terminal Font: Droid Sans Mono 12
    .ossssssssssssssssssdMMMNysssso.       CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon V
      -+sssssssssssssssssyyyssss+-         GPU: AMD ATI 03:00.0 Picasso
        `:+ssssssssssssssssss+:`           Memory: 2256MiB / 13973MiB

Thank you


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