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Black Screen on Boot


p Tiwari:
I installed LL today But after few hours , while booting screen goes black , no cursor showing but only black screen.
This also happened previously when I installed Linux Mint and i can't fixed it back then .
I tried changing 'quiet splash' to 'nomodeset' in grub but then I can't able to change my brightness in LL.
I guess it is some problem with my amd radeon vega graphic card.
Please help me I'm stuck :012:
(sorry for my poor english)

Just an idea, could it be the monitor that getting defective?
An LCD monitor usually has a back-light that can "shut-down", specially when is been on awhile.
You can check this with direct sunlight or a flaslight and see that there is a display, just no light to see it normally.

Of course, it could be the video card, or even the computer. When this happens, does the caps-lock light on the keyboard still work?

p Tiwari:
Thanks for replying...
I'm using my laptop and I think it is not display problem.
And No i cannot see caps lock and num lock light.
But i can pass through boot by adding 'nomodeset' but then I can't able to change my brightness.

I would suggest to read trough this article and try the different drivers :https://linuxconfig.org/amd-radeon-ubuntu-20-04-driver-installation
I didn't research this more but, the article also mentions that the Proprietary AMDGPU-PRO drivers havenít been released for Ubuntu 20.04 yet.
So... I guess try your options.


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