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Hi All,
Newbie mog here. I have just installed Linux Lite on an old Asus Eee 904HD, I formerly had Linux Mint 19.3 on it, but whilst it worked it was very slow, so after some research I decided to give LL a try, I eventually managed to correct the automatic num lock problem (Who on earth decided that that was a good idea!!?).
Now the problem...
Since I installed LL on the machine whenever I apply mains power it auto boots, this has only happened since LL was put on it, I admit it's not the end of the world but it is at times irritating, sometimes I use the machine and all I want do is recharge the battery but as soon as the power is switched on it boots.
Can anybody help?



Could it be that it's in hibernation (sleep) and not turned off (Shutdown)?
If it has been shutdown, the OS, Linux Lite, has not booted up yet and could be something faulty.
This happed to me on an old laptop dell with a defective motherboard charger unit.

Otherwise, I would unplug anything USB, etc. and try plugging in again. Or check BIOS settings if you changed something there.

If nothing else is plugged in, and you are a bit "techie", you could temporarily unplugged your hard drive to check if it still turns on.

Hi to The Dead,
Sounds great that! good line for a film.
There are no usbs plugged in, the only thing altered in the Bios was to enable the Bios screen to show on start up, and the auto boot was present before that, I'll try the boot without HDD and see what happens.
Interestingly enough, there is no power tab in the Bios menu, most laptops I've come across have one. (Or am I wrong on that?)

Beers for the input


Hi again,
OK an update, I followed The Dead's suggestion and removed the HDD (we'll call it the LL HDD) and plugged in the power cable and switched on, it booted. There was no OS, no HDD, so I shut down and plugged in an external HDD (We'll call this one LM HDD) with a Live version of Linux Mint on it, I plugged in the power cable and switched on and it booted, "Ah" I thought ( This may imply knowledge but believe me there wasn't any!). I shut down and switched off the power cable, then I switched it on again, and it didn't boot! so I switched it off again, and switched it on again, and again it didn't boot, so I booted it up, and once it was up and running I shut it down again, I switched off the power, once again I switched on the power and it didn't boot.
I switched off the power, disconnected LM HDD and refitted LL HDD, I swiched on the power and it booted!
Does this imply that Linux lite in some way affects the boot sequence, I know that the initial switch on with the LM HDD booted but once it had been shut down it didn't do it again. So had in some way reset the boot sequence? When I refitted the LL HDD we were back to square one with the machine auto booting.
Any thoughts on it anyone?



Did you use the powerbutton to shut it down or used the "Shutdown!" option in Linux Lite (software shutdown)?
If no important files need to be saved, try to shut down holding the powerbutton 5-10 seconds (hardware shutdown) and try again.
If it still boots when you plug it in... I'm stumped.


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