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Attempting to start Clamtk upon boot.

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You're welcome :) Firefox has containers too https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/containers
--- Quote ---Container tabs are like normal tabs however the sites you visit will have access to a separate slice of the browser's storage. This means your site preferences, logged in sessions, and advertising tracking data won't carry over to the new container. Likewise, any browsing you do within the new container will not affect your logged in sessions, or tracking data of your other containers.
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   Well, I reckon that's solved, then...Thanks again!

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You're welcome! Mark the thread as solved: In your first post, click on Modify, and in the title, click on the drop-down menu and select [SOLVED]

   Ahhhh...so that's how it's done! I was thinking I had to add tags..... :-[

@order99 You might want to read this https://linuxiac.com/antivirus-on-linux/

  Nice article-and it also linked to this:


  And I think that might be what i'm looking for...i'll play around with it for a week, see if the Active Scan works on Linux as well, see if I notice any major slowdowns...

  I might not need it anyway (as most Users seem to believe) but it might be worth it if I ever need to run one of the Windows emulators (not a gamer and love LibreOffice, so no need for it yet). And again, thanks for all the help!  :)


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