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3.8 (32-bit): No matter what I choose, press on Power button only disconnects


I try to avoid that as much as possible, but if push come to shove, i do it.


If you hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. The computer will turn off.


Hi everyone,

Though i really like Lite, it's becoming a nightmare using it on a daily basis. I reinstalled just last night after another round of arduous booting issues, and now, when I press the Power button, I'm only disconnected, not asked what I'd like to do.

I've tried to change the entry in the menu, reboot, put it back to "Ask", no go. I press the button, I'm back to the login screen.

I must add that I upgraded to the 5.8 kernel in Lite Tweaks, which came as a surprise, because I thought that branch was restricted to 64-bit, and my 2006 MacBook Pro can only run 32-bit.

Ideas, anyone?

EDIT: Problem solved. I must have inadvertently unchecked the "Show dialogue" box. Once checked, I had the choice to shutdown, restart, etc... again. 


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