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1 1/2 minutes boot time HELP!

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Hi, guys,  I put linux lite 20.04 on my husband's older Dell desktop, 64 bit, 4G RAM, with intel graphics. Linux lite works well but boots terribly slow, 1 1/2 minutes. I put it on my other older HP desktop, 64 bit, 8G RAM, with intel graphics, same long boot times. I had to put windows 10 back on the desktops because of such slow boot times. Windows 10 takes only 30 seconds to boot. I really like how Linux Lite runs on the desktops once they're booted. I can see that most of the time booting is spent with networking and bluetooth. Isn't there some fix for this? I can't find anything online that works! I have linux lite clean installed on a Chromebook, 4G RAM, as its only OS. The Chromebook has only 16G disk space. It boots up great, 14 seconds. What's the problem with those desktops that they boot sooooo slow with Linux? *Would a swap partition in the right place help? I noticed the newest Linux Lite doesn't have a swap partition. 
 *Yesterday, I put Linux Lite along side Windows 10 (dual boot) on a three year old Hp laptop with 12G RAM, not very old. Linux did a little over a whole minute boot time, not that bad, but not that good either. systemd-analyze blame says that most of it is networking and bluetooth. Is there a way to fix this?


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