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[SOLVED] Linux Lite 32 bit booting problem


Hi I'm Mark. I've been using linux lite for more than a year now and I love it. I convince my friend to use linux lite. In the installer we can't boot into normal so we tried safe mode. It works. After installing he has now dual boot linuxlite and windows crap. The problem is that when we boot into linuxlite the only thing we see is blank screen.Thanks.

Hi Mark,

Please take a look at the LL Help Manual
locally, on the sytem
Menu > All > Help Manual
or online

When the manual is open:
Choose hardware at the top of the page and then
Choose booting issues from the index

At the booting issues heading the first topic is "Black screen whilst trying to boot"


Thanks. I appreciate your fast reply.

 :) My pleasure, welcome aboard!


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