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[SOLVED] Error - Black arrow on black screen

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Sorry for less then detail error as there no error code or a blue screen  ;)
Started computer twice gets to same point like the computer goes straight to passed login screen then I get a black screen with black arrow white outline. The mouse moves about screen but there nothing to click on. I rebooted and got the something.

Don't know why this has happened I not updated or install any new software.
Hope this is east to fix.


Hi Dyslexic1,

Are you booting from the hard drive (after installing LL), a live CD, or a live USB?


Hi Scott

I should have said booting from hard drive have been using Linux for about six weeks now.
Was hoping just by rebooting would fix.

I looked at Goggle but don't know what this error called as not numbers.


Thanks for the information. I'm honestly not sure how to go about troubleshooting this, be patient  :) and hopefully someone will come along soon and help.

Did you md5sum the iso before burning or install?


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