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It may be necessary to add a model option to your alsa-base.conf file, open it by typing in a terminal:

--- Code: ---sudo leafpad /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
--- End code ---

and pasting only the below line as is, on the bottom of the file, on its own new line.

--- Code: ---options snd-hda-intel model=dell
--- End code ---

Then proceed to reboot, and test audio. If this does not work we may need to test other model options.

A brief reason why, is that the driver tries to do an automatic set for proper flags and in doing so it sometimes gets this wrong. The intel audio is basiclly one of the most common drivers for audio hardware. Because the hardware varies so much we may need to use different model options. Typically this is the cause of your issue of messed up audio, I hope this fixes it. If not we try until it is :-p

I played the default wav sound from the terminal and it stuttered.  I also tried a video on the internet at varying speeds/video quality to no luck.  Finally, I tried a music file off an external usb stick and no luck.  Each of these files all stuttered/struggled to play.

What is producing the broken sound, flash video, vlc, videos, mp3s etc?


That seemed to have work thanks but now I'm back to my jittery/stuttery playback of sound.  Can you help with this?  I don't want to end up repeating this troubleshooting cycle thanks.

My first step of course though will be restarting my system and listening to other sounds to see if it's the same output.


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