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Sound problem in Linux Lite 6.4

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More information about the problem may help.

For example
What audio hardware is on the system ?
What audio drivers are installed ?
Did Linux Lite audio work as expected at any point ?
What changed between it working and not working ?
What troubleshooting has been done and what was the outcome ?

I had already run alsamixer, but nothing worked for audio.

I have fed up with this issue.

Please help me to resolve the issue.

Please give me your email id so that I can share screenshot.

Don't know what is going on that error and the unstable window.

Try a none GUI method to unmute.

After a reboot, open a terminal with 'Ctrl' 'Alt 'T'

--- Code: ---alsamixer
--- End code ---
followed by enter

Ensure Playback devices are shown by pressing F3

Depending on your hardware there may be multiple columns each representing an audio device.
At the bottom is the device name, next up is a pair of numbers showing left/right balance.
Above that is the device status and above that a coloured bar representing the volume.

Check the status of each device looking at the box at the base of the column.
'OO' means On
'MM' means Muted

Select any devices showing MM by using left or right arrows so that the name is bracketed by <name>
Press m to toggle between MM (mute) and OO (unmuted)

Exit with Esc

If that works we can go back to the unstable window.

As screen blinks so fast, I cannot click it. The major problem is blinking of screen showing "Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please Wait."

Click on the Speaker icon
Click on 'Audio Mixer...'

On the 'Output Devices' tab you should see three icons in the upper right.

Speaker icon = mute/unmute toggle - click it


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