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Sound problem in Linux Lite 6.4

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Yes, 100% mute. I do not know as to how to unmute. When I open Volume control and select configuration tab, the screen continuously blinks and does not allow me to select other profile.

Does the hover show something like

Volume 90% (muted)

What happens if you un-mute the sound.

I have installed Windows 10 and Linux Lite 6.4 on my old Desktop PC - Dual boot.

There is no problem of sound in Windows 10 operating system, but sound does not work in Linux Lite 6.4 OS.

I wasted almost 5 hours to resolve this issue, but no success.

When I hover mouse over the volume icon in the system tray, it shows "muted."

I humbly request you to help me to find out resolution to aforesaid issue.


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