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Sound Fault newish Sony Tv

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I went to  File System/boot and opened the latest file config-5.4.0-45-generic as administrator

on the last but one line i added


Then saved the file

After reboot normal sound returned on my Sony TV model KD-55XF7073

Audio mixer/volume control/configuration i selected

Digital Surround 5.1 (HDMI} Output 
Digital Surround 7.1 (HDMI} Output 

Both worked the Fault is cured

As a further test i deleted  line CONFIG_HDMI_drive=2 then rebooted,
the tv did not revert to my original fault  ie sound garbled sqeeky
Also because i run dual boot my Linux Lite  v3.4 also has normal sound without the me needing to modify the config file

i do not fully understand what i have done. but i am happy that it worked

Nice one :)

Just keep in mind each time you get a new kernel, you'll have to do the same again with the config file, or, just keep booting that kernel.

What he said... ;)


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