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dear all
why my music player get stop after screen-server run and lock screen /????
how could i solve this ????
linuxlite 4
musicplayer clementine.

Abdel Cordero:
Please some solution. I have same problem

Hi @atpersian  & @Abdel Cordero
 I would check your power manager settings,

  Menu/Settings/Power Manager

Your pc might actually be "going to sleep" or "suspend/hibernate" and this is why your music stops.
Try changing the settings, times.

Abdel Cordero:
Thanks for your reply.

I understand what you mean. However, the PC is only being blocked or forced manually in Menu -> Block screen. Do not suspend / Do not Hibernate. For example, the MP3s continue playing and videos on YouTube but without sound and I know it for the time that elapses what is playing when I rewrite the password

There's a few solutions here you could try:

--- Code: ---https://askubuntu.com/questions/450443/light-locker-stops-background-activities-eg-music-playback-when-screen-is-loc/511212
--- End code ---


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