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Reboot needed to restore USB audio

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Hi everyone,

I am new to Linux Lite. I have it installed on a Asus laptop and I am using USB out to a Emotiva XDA-2 DAC for music. It works well but in the evening I turn off the DAC and  in the morning I need to reboot in order to get the OS to find the USB audio channel.

Is there a CMD I can use to re-scan for the USB audio output? I have tried re-plugging the USB cable but that does not work.

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Try 3rd post - https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-764576.html

Thanks Jerry I stored the setting so I will try to restore in the morning and let you know how it works.

Happy New Year


I tried to restore the ALSA but it did not restore the USB DAC as a sound option.

I was able to replug the USB cable to the DAC and that did restore the option.

I would like to be able to restore without re-plugging just to prevent wear and tear on the cable and port.

I have attached the screenshot of the terminal. It is a png file so the ext needs changing.

I have not checked if 5.x still uses pulseaudio and could be unrelated but just in case...

Before opening any apps, open a terminal and enter the command :

sudo pulseaudio --kill

Then check if the audio workz! ;)


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