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[ SOLVED ] Pulse Audio Problem?

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Pulse Audio Problem?
« on: February 17, 2016, 01:50:32 AM »


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Am not sure why but I've spent ages trying to hear sound through my speakers with LL, can even watch the indicator bars moving in "Sound Settings".
I've installed virtually every distro in the past on the same box and they all seem to play audio OK with Alsa, so I followed a previous posters advice and unchecked the 'Pulse Audio' box.
(see Thera posting Aug 5 2014  Stopping Pulseaudio:

"Or maybe: Menu->Settings->Settings-manager->System->Session and Startup->Tab Application and autostart->scroll to Pulseaudio.")

This also worked for me....but would anyone know why? Hopefully it might help admins.


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