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No sound too

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Totally no sound for speaker after installation. I already tried configuring all mixers, volume levels, all are set properly.

My speakers had been working with Windows XP prior to my Linux Lite installation.

Maybe someone can help.

Please follow the guide to posting here, specificity using the code tags to format your post more cleanly. Alternatively it's much preferred to use a pastebin like service. Ideally using  https://gist.github.com/. With that said, can you run the system info tool and post the generated file for us.

I tried to run the Realtek installer and the headphones work but the speaker still does not work..

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You may need to set the default output, it is covered in the manual. https://www.linuxliteos.com/manual/hardware.html#sound. You will need to select the output you wish with the "Check Mark".

I did follow the manual but this is what happens:

When I choose "Speakers" for the port, the headphones become active.

If I remove the headphones, there are no sound from the built-in speakers.

The built-in speakers cannot be detected.


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