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linux-lite on a chromebook(wiped)


Without having the same hardware, it is difficult to help.
There are no matches for Chromebook in the Linux Lite hardware database which suggests it might not be common.

There's an interesting post here which may be relevant.
The discussion suggests that model has a problem with sound when running Linux.
Maybe a bluetooth speaker would work for you.

patty neill:
hi! im not sure if im posting in the right place , but hoping i am. i know you guys are busy & not trying to waste anyones time . I recently was able to install linux lite on this old dell 11 3120 chromebook . it had reached "end of life " according to google . This is an older chromebook & came out before you could get the google play store on them and before they started including the ability to install linux on chromebooks , so the capabilities were severely limited in using the chromeOS . anyway the laptop itself was still in great shape , so i decided to try linux on it . i bricked it twice , by following other forums & trying the recommended linux operating systems, so by the 2nd time , i had a useless laptop & decided to try linux lite , since this is the one that ive always used & had success with . i apologize if my post is duplicate , ive tried searching , but cant find anything & all other forums related to chromebooks , all seem to still have the chromeOS or the "crostini" terminal , so i want to emphasize that this laptop no longer has any part of chrome OS , its all been wiped . its strictly linux terminal , which is great with me . ive only ran into 1 issue & reaching out because im sure you guys will know the commands to use in the terminal to get sound on this laptop . i even have the speaker icon in the tray , everything works beautifully , except that i have no sound ,ive clicked on the "audio mixer" & tried everything there . i have tried many other versions of linux trying to convert from windows , linuxlite has always been the only one thats ever worked out well . thank you for reading / responding or any help you can send


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