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I recently installed 5.2 X64 and have a nagging sound issue pertaining to a very small volume control range.  Sound can only be adjusted on external USB speaker from 98-100% on the volume control slider in the bottom right of the system tray.  Any setting below 98% sound cannot be heard at all.  Speaker is displayed as "USB 2.0 Device Analog Stereo" with port set to "Analog Output".  This extremely limited volume control range makes the speaker seem like its either off or 100% volume.

I didn't come across anything in the help manual under sound configuration and google/forum searches didn't turn up much.  Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

Does the Output tab have 100% for that device?

Yes, below is what output tab shows:

Run alsamixer in the Terminal. Set volumes there with , F6 to select the default sound device, arrow keys and space bar for levels etc.

Ok, I have full volume control range of USB speaker in alsamixer, I guess I will just adjust volume in there.  Interesting that my 3.5mm headphones can be adjusted with the volume slider but USB speaker needs adjustment in alsamixer.


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