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Change default sound card in Pulse Audio


So I figured it out finally.  Pretty easy, no terminal, just had to go to the volume control, configurations and set the profile for the audio interface and Built-in Audio to Off.

I've installed JACK 2 and pulse-module-jack. The system works really well, expect for that I want Jack sink(PulseAudio Jack Sink) to be my default sound card instead of my audio interface. Every time linuxlite boots up, the sound card is always my audio interface and I have to manually change it in the speaker icon to Jack sink(PulseAudio Jack Sink). I want it to be Jack sink(PulseAudio Jack Sink) because I can listen youtube on chrome and record it into my DAW Bitwig.  It's just a pain to have to manual change it every time the computer starts up.  I'm on LL6.4. Thanks.


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