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Bluetooth dongle (Cambridge Silicone radio) not working


Rommel Rodriguez:
I know this is kinda old post, but.i have the same bluetooth dongle. have you been able to resolved this issue? i have the same problem as well. thank you

Hi, guys,
I have an HP desktop, Audio HDA-Intel with dual boot windows 10 and Linux Lite (Ubuntu 20.04.2) on it. I have a Bluetooth dongle (Cambridge Silicone Radio) that doesn't work here on Linux-Lite. Windows 10 just gives it a generic brand in the drivers section, and it works. How can I get this Bluetooth dongle to work? The Bluetooth manager doesn't even come up. I can see it when I type in "lsusb" in the terminal.*Bluetooth works with a different dongle, but it's this particular one, the Cambridge Silicone dongle, that doesn't seem to be recognized by bluetooth. I'm making due at the moment with the one that works, but I might need to give it up to another computer.


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