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2020 dell xps 17" no sound. Dummy outpiut

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--- Quote from: Şerban S. on April 01, 2021, 03:23:20 PM ---It is a bug in the upgrade script that messes the GRUB installation. Possibly, only on UEFI firmware (my case).

--- End quote ---

The bug I refer to is much "older" than that. I'm not sure but could go back to LiLi 3.x.
100% sure though that its was not 5.x, Upgrade or UEFI related since it was on last version 4 last I got it and in legacy.
Educated guess that it would be audio chipset brand / driver and or kernel related.
I will pay more attention next time I come accross the problem since I come across a system doing it from time to time.
Bonus: I think, pulseaudio --kill also solved it.

Double check all the audio settings that a mute isn't enabled somewhere within... I recall something I had would mute...
Try as mentioned with other device - internal speaker, external/headphones - and ports?? if you have multiple...

perhaps the output of .. to see device/driver...

--- Code: --- inxi -Fxz
--- End code ---


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