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[SOLVED] Strange messages lines in dmesg


Thanks for reply. I did a little research, and found in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1319457. This is look a bug in the kernel. Anyway, i really hope, that fix gets into the trusty stable kernel soon. By the way sorry for my bad english. ;)

If the sound works good, I wouldn't worry about it. If sound becomes a major problem, that would be the time to look through logs.

Hello. Today, 2014-06-13, i installed Linux Lite 2.0, and i am very happy with Linux Lite 2.0. I use usb headset CM 108 audio controller (Steelseries 5H V2). In dmesg i see this lines "retire_playback_urb: 832 callbacks suppressed". What this lines means? Is this critical? By the way, sound work good.


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