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Yeah. Yahoo has been hacked for years. Must be an easy target since they have been a repeat target for do many years. A poor choice for your financial data. It's getting to the point where paying for a private email service or creating your own server might be necessary, where your security is dependent on you, which could be good or not good depending on who you talk to and how knowledgeable they are on running any type of server.

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Simple concepts guys.

1) Never give true information in your yahoo profile.
2) Never use a mail client to access your yahoo mail. Login from your web browser instead.
3) Never use yahoo toolbar plugins, or yahoo IM plugins.

As you can see, at this point it has no point, just a dated, insecure, and completely unnecessary service.

Amazon is the king here, because their model for web commerce is better, shipping logistics, ground resources, transaction security, server capacity, warranties, multi-nationals, etc.

Verizon just wants to own a similar piece of that web commerce market to brand and put on their android devices, just like Amazon does. It's going to be a long time before they operate at a profit, because they simply don't have the ground infrastructure in place to compete with Amazon.


It could happen to any corporation, and this one is headed by a blonde - so stop being sexist!

With Yahoo, the occasional mail data breach is part and parcel of the service, as anyone using it like me for close to 20 years would know. I guess the interval is between two and three years, so the latest one is likely to have happened already, or is coming shortly.

Lesson learnt early on: Do not use it for serious matters; do not keep anything important in there; do not use tough passwords (no point, really), and you will be fine.

Hi tomt, thanks for taking an interest,
Yahoo do not use security questions anymore, so you can't see or alter them. They use a phone number instead.
If it wasn't for using flickr i would just kick them into the grass :)



   Might be a good idea to change your security questions also. As I understand it they also have been hacked which
could lead to other information being gleaned from your account. Good luck with that.


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