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Windows not maximizing all the way

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David Pessoa:
Thanks man,

This method work perfectly! on the new user account the applications are working how should be.

 :045: :D

Create a new user account. Log into new user and check if problem happens.
Some user mention this kind of problem also using the Docky app. (?).

David Pessoa:
Thanks man, but...

I never put another monitor on my Notebook (at least after I changed for Linux Lite), but I tried the method you said anyway and unfortunately doesn't work too...

I recently found F11 still work to put the Gimp on "Full Screen" for me, is not exactly what I wanted (because de buttons of the window aren't visible on this mode) but it's a way to continue to see completely what's in the workscreen on this application

(sorry if some sentences are bad formed, my english is not one of the bests)

Any of you use or have previouly used multiple monitor/video output or changed resolution in the recent past?
I have had some issues about resolution when an app crashed and had to change screen resolution to another and then back.
But, the ratio theory could also be a path to solving this... :-S

David Pessoa:
I don't know if is the same kind of problem but...

In my case the window of the application GIMP doesn't change his proportions (I can't maximize or reduce the size)

the button to maximize doesn't work, (the button to close and minimize are working normaly)
If I try to use mouse on edge of the window to reduce the size nothing happen too
even if I use Hotkeys the problem persist,
I alread tried to re-install GIMP (doesn't work too)
         *nt: The Single Window mode On or Off doesn't resolve the problem

I think the problem is Beyond this only application (Gimp) because in the first open of Firefox (every time after I turn-on my Notebook) the window respond as if it is above where is (I need to click in a blank space above the button for the window reconize I'm clicking in a Button/place below) but in Firefox is only this (all the buttons and functions, of the window, still work)   

These problems doesn't start at the same time, the first was Firefox (but doesn't disturb me too much) in 3 weeks ago, and 2 days ago the problem with Gimp...


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