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Yep, same thing happens on my Conky/widget.

Had me worried for a while, until I figured out that the widget displays 'users' (plural) and opening a terminal is another 'user' access, or something like that - I'm sure that someone else has a more elegant explanation! I am happy to be corrected (only by mistakes do we learn).


Interesting little quirk in the behavior of the new widget. When I open up XFCE4 terminal, Logged in as: reads trinidadtrinidad in the widget. When I exit the terminal it reverts back to the single entry - trinidad. Does not do this with LX terminal, or ROX terminal, only XFCE4 terminal. Not sure why yet.

Wow just tried it again, opened three XFCE4 terminals and got: trinidadtrinidadtrinidadtrinidad.

Also does it with UX terminal, and X terminal. Tried changing defaults but makes no difference.



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