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Google products will not feature in Lite Software in LL 3.0 We will instead include instructions in the Help Manual.

Done.....Thanks Jerry.  :)

Thanks Jerry!

Made me also fix two other similar errors I got for a while, one interestingly regarding Linux Lite:

--- Code: ---W: GPG error: beryl InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 22AAEA0A86A02625
--- End code ---

The other one was for a ppa.

I must have done something wrong while wildly working on one of my systems at some stage to cause that. :)

The error from running updates via the terminal would look like:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get update
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs:
--- End code ---

If you are getting an error from updates the fix is:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver 1397BC53640DB551
--- End code ---

Thanks Google once suck.


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