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NOTE: This issue has been resolved by Jerry in a fix shown below and a permanent fix is planned for a future update, if not already included in one.

On my LinuxLite 5.0 second install, the Notification tool is totally useless (also on the first install). No matter what setting I choose, nothing changes. It's always the same look and always in the upper right corner. When I change to a different look, the preview is always the same. The preview doesn't show the new setting. Also, the notification shows for 10 seconds, regardless of the timing set for it. It's useless to even have the tool, since using it doesn't change anything. Obviously something isn't working. It would be nice if it worked.

I haven't yet installed LL5.0 but I believe it functions similarly to LL4.x...
Per the below from the release thread..

It Checks 2x per day and will only notify when there are updates
So there has to be updates since the last check in... Not sure of the settings... but if you could set say 1hr -- it will notify hourly not check for updates hourly..
Say it checks in at noon and midnight and nothing new, there will be "no updates" (not displayed) every hour  (even if there is and update available say at 1pm) it will display a "new update" at midnight (next check in) and every hour there after till updates are ran..

New Updater notifier:

Enabled by default to check for updates twice per day, and only notify when there are updates.To disable, Menu Settings, Session and Startup, Application Autostart tab, untick Package Update Indicator.

If its more so to the duration.... I can't speak to as I haven't tried - perhaps another can...


Thank you for your response. However, you seem to be talking about the Package Update Indicator notification which deals with system software updates.

I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the Notification Tool in general, which displays all kinds of notifications, like emails received, song changes, etc. No matter what I change in this tool's settings, nothing changes. The location is locked to the top right corner, even if I tell it to use bottom right or any other location, and the look (appearance style) is unchangeable, though there's a list of different styles from which we should be able choose.

Confirmed. Let me work on a solution and get back to you.


--- Code: ---sudo apt-get remove notify-osd notify-osd-icons
--- End code ---

Log out and in again.

I'll deploy this in a coming update.


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