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--- Quote from: thedoor on June 05, 2020, 03:11:26 PM ---firenice03,

Thank you for your response. However, you seem to be talking about the Package Update Indicator notification which deals with system software updates.

I wasn't talking about that. I was talking about the Notification Tool in general, which displays all kinds of notifications, like emails received, song changes, etc. No matter what I change in this tool's settings, nothing changes. The location is locked to the top right corner, even if I tell it to use bottom right or any other location, and the look (appearance style) is unchangeable, though there's a list of different styles from which we should be able choose.

--- End quote ---
Oopps - Sorry, you can see where my mind went... Who said pics are worth a thousands words... LOL
Good job on the find and posting!!!

Looks like @Jerry is on it!!!


No problem. We all see things from a different point of view. Thanks for at least attempting to be helpful.

Thanks, Jerry. That solved the problem! You're the man!

I wanted to respond directly to you but I saw no way of responding to your post. So I figured you may have it set that way so you don't get inundated with responses.

Also, I tried to add [SOLVED] to the Prefix of this post, as described in the Posting Guidelines, but that item is no longer available in the drop-down list. So maybe there's some other way to mark it that way, or maybe you're not ready for it to be marked as solved, since the resolution you mentioned, which worked, will be updated into the code later.

There's no 'Solved' under the Bug section. This for me, is in the right section, it's something that was wrong with LL, and it will be fixed :)

Update uploaded. You will see a pause when you run Install Updates for the first time AFTER updating, that's just the software removing the offending packages in the background. I was going to show a msg but thought...nah :) It's a once 'r. Fix will be in 5.2


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