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Glad I am old fashion (and cheap) so I don't do wireless!  ;)

Time for me to break out my old cable mice and box up my wireless mice.

First my email address gets absconded at my Mint forum account. Now this. I am starting to feel like a Windows user.

SImple logic, anything wireless is BAD. This been proven time and time again.

I personally view this is one of the most serious security threats in recent memory.

Security researchers from the Internet of things security firm Bastille have warned that wireless keyboards and mice from seven popular manufacturers including Logitech, Dell, Microsoft, HP and Lenovo are vulnerable to so-called MouseJack attacks, leaving Billions of computers vulnerable to hackers.

During their tests, researchers were able to generate 1000 words/minute over the wireless connection and install a malicious Rootkit in about 10 seconds. They tested several mice from Logitech, Lenovo, and Dell that operate over 2.4GHz wireless communications.

Affected Devices:




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