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Beside that, i wonder how they managed to bypass the system administration system. If that applies here too.

Threats don't last long on Linux, vulnerabilities are patched quickly. Polititians are bigger threat to privacy than trojans IMO.  :)
Especially those that want back doors in encription and to collect all the web communication and history of Internet users.
Snoopers' Charter is scary stuff.

So? What can be used a) to block, b) To detect infection c) remove disinfect any infection?

More details here:

Yet another Linux Trojan to watch for.  "" />
 A natural extension of this exposure is increased targeting by both dedicated and opportunistic attackers across various malicious actor motivations. Despite the lingering belief (and false sense of security) that Linux inherently yields higher degrees of protection from malicious actors, Linux malware and vulnerabilities do exist and are in use by advanced adversaries. To mitigate associated risks requires tailored integration of the people, processes, and technology in support of prevention, monitoring, and detection within an environment.
Linux malware detection and prevention is not prevalent at this time, but Palo Alto Networks customers are protected through our next-generation security platform:


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