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VirtualBox Update Bug Linux Lite

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VirtualBox Update Bug Linux Lite
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I did an update on a 3.2 and a 3.6 version of a VMWARE machine...and had issues after restart. Nothing except minor programs would work. So, I have done this several times since. Installed a fresh copy of 3.8 as a virtual machine (two different versions of vmware so far - 10 & 14) and then shut it down so I could make a copy of the fresh version. Then I restarted and INSTALLED all the LATEST UPDATES...and restarted...BAM!...nothing works. I get a consistent "Indicator Plugin unexpectedly left the panel" error. I can't do much more than that at this point. So SOMETHING in the latest update is killing vmware machines. 
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2023 - The Year of the Linux Lite Desktop