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I'm running an AMD 565 with the 4.13.0-38 hwe kernel and do not have any of these issues. I actually have just rolled several test iso's the last couple of days without any issues at all from Virtualbox.

I broke 3 LL vms this month (all on AMDs). I think it's the kernel change to retpoline. The Deb VMs run fine but they were vm images to begin with. I have tried all the known fixes from the past (vmtools, video mem, etc.) to no avail. I was just waiting for this topic to turn up again. Not much is being said elsewhere so I assumed it was operator error on my part. It's Ubuntu and AMD somehow. My old core2 duo Dell has no issue, in Deb, LL, or Ubuntu. I guess I'll take it seriously and look deeper now. LL may have to package a separate vm image otherwise.



Just ran updates and rebooted. Desktop came back just fine with a minor issue though. The Plugin Indicator seems to have broke during the update.

This is what I recommend for you to do:

1- Instead of installing updates using the Install Updates tool in Linux Lite:

- Update from Terminal with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
You will be prompted during updates installation to replace or keep some grub files. ALWAYS keep the current file in the system when prompted.

- Or use Update Manager for Linux Lite: It will also ask you to keep or replace those files when running updates. ALWAYS keep the current file in the system when prompted.

I think I now have an idea of what's causing quite a few reports of broken systems after install:

1- Kernel updates that simply don't play nice with the hardware (reverting to earlier kernel with correct the problem for users in most cases)
2- Install Updates may be replacing some files without asking the user whether to keep it or replace it.

Running manual updates or using Update Manager allows the user to opt-out or a file replacement. That might explain the reason why I don't find myself having the issue in the first place (I use Update Manager instead of Install Updates).

Now back to find out what broke the Indicator Plugin... but this is a different beast that shouldn't leave anyone without a fully useable Desktop.

Those are my findings so far.

My assessment is completely wrong. My fresh VM is also broken as the OP states.

I'd guess you have to install Ubuntu vmtools again after updating to the virtual system, like a few years back. Happens with AMD expecting OEM tools.


I'm running latest 3.8 version on VMWare with all updates. I haven't experienced this issue myself. Will be firing up another VM on Workstation 14 Pro to see if I can duplicate this issue and report back.

Installing updates now (182 updates available on fresh install)...


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