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Major issue with the Linux Lite 6.6 and GTX 660 (not sure if bug).


So I just updated my dad's PC from 4.8 with a fresh install of 6.6. And whatever the default GPU drivers are would cause screen glitching in about 5-10 minutes and then a freeze. This was fixed by installing Nvidia's official driver 390 for the GTX 660. Possibly a major bug for people trying the OS, as those especially new to Linux would most likely have no idea how to trouble shoot this or change drivers via terminal. Opening Chrome would cause an automatic freeze as well. The screen was also glitching midway through the install. Just posting this in case it helps, as I think this is a great OS. My senior dad has been using it since 3.x days, so thank you for the Linux Lite. With the 390 drivers everything works perfectly.


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