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Lite Tweaks kernel remover in 6.0 Bug

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Ok, many tnx.

Use this command:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-unsigned*
--- End code ---

pretty sure that package is not needed, but it is causing the trouble.

It's too risky to integrate into Lite Patch. All the experts online advise against it so it will have to wait for 6.2 ISO release. I should be able to include this fix in the 6.2 Lite Upgrade package. Topic stickied.

Apologies for that. Here is the text version of LT info box:
Kernel Remover: For each kernel version to remove, select its:
image image-extra firmware (if any)
The removal process will not begin until your selection is reviewed and confirmed.
Select Kernels available for removal
Recap: This repeats every time Lite Tweaks is used and the Kernel remover box is ticked. It's always this kernel.

We don't open zip files here for images, please see here  -

Not sure if I've posted in the right place but I've got a LT bug with the Kernel Remover command. It keeps coming back with linux-image 5-15.0-33-generic after every time. Attached screenshot.


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