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Lite 6.0 - Right click on Desktop - Task Manager not opening


Tutorial for those wanting this fixed (won't be in the Lite Upgrade package throughout the Series).

Open up your home folder. Edit, Configure custom actions:

Highlight Task Manager and click on the cog:

In the Command box, select all of the command xfce4-taskmanager:

Delete xfce4-taskmanager and replace it with system-monitoring-center:

Click on OK and close the Custom Actions box.

All fixed. The only place it won't work now is when you right click on the Desktop and select Task Manager. This will work on any folders. You can also do this for the root folders.

Thanks for the report. This has been mentioned in the release thread. Will be fixed in 6.2 :)


First, thanks for Linux Lite 6.0. The new release is very nice, as always.

I think I've found a little glitch.

When I right-click on the desktop background, I can select "Task Manager" in the context menu.
When I do so, there is no window opening (nothing happens).

I've seen that Lite 6.0 has replaced "Task Manager" by "System Monitoring Center"

If I run "sudo apt install xfce4-taskmanager", then the "old" task manager is installed.

After than, the menu entry opens the "old" task manager correctly.

So, either one package is missing or the menu entry should be changed to point to "System Monitoring Center".

Just my 2 cents ;-)

HTH  :)


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