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How did that Zack Whittaker guy ended up with that hacker? If the hacker was a "lone wolf" nobody heard of or knew about, how did Zack Whittaker ended up with him? Unless he knows the hacker and knew he was doing... I don't believe that any hacker will call up some newspaper or magazine saying: he guys! i've hacked the Mint site and the forum! you know what, i vene hacked some other sites! wanna do an interview with me??

Evidently ZDNet interviewed the hacker, and he claims he hacked the site twice the first time on January 28 and the second time on February 18.

Article at the following link.

An update that might be important for anyone who has/had an Linux Mint Forums account:

The Linux Mint forum database was sold on January 16, a full month before users were made aware of a breach.


I listen to JB sometimes and came across this thought I would share however it seems it's already been posted so here is a vlog about some info and commentary about this.


Three weeks ago I couldn't download the *.torrent file from their site (for Cinnamon or MATE editions), and that's the route the news article seems to suggest is safer at the moment.

The "good news" in this is that a Linux distro is seen as so popular that it's worth hacker attention. 


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