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Keyboard issue


Soumyojyoti Deb:
Hi, even I also faced the same problem. I am using a Dell Laptop.

I went to keyboard settings and changed my keyboard layout to DELL Latitude(even though I am using a different model).
Try for your keyboard layout/model too by searching in google...

Hope you find your fix.

 :wave @Jerry

Waves  :wave @bitsnpcs great to have you around again :)

How to manual edit individual keys -

Josip Zencic:
Hi, i"m newbie In Linux. Yesterday instaled for the first time and everything works fine but my keyboard letters and need your help.

UsIng nonstandard croatian  <or bosnian> keyboard within my laptop:

Tried in settings all versions of croatian, bosnian, serbian languages, but each time had issues with some important letters:
P is *
U is 4
M is 0  etc.

I'm afraid to need to manual edit, but don't know where or how ,,,
/usr/share/ and then ? ? ?

Using linux lite 5.2

Please somebody help

thank you all in advance


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