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Clamscan - Infected file


Thanks Jerry. I don`t know if that is the file that is corrupted but without any info I thought I would offer a helpful solution anyway, never know someone might use it.   

Glad it's sorted :)

Without having specific information on the corrupted file, I have found with Sophos every time I downloaded Firefox and ran a  Sophos scan it showed one or two corrupted files in Firefox. Not sure if Clam-av shows what file is corrupted but to solve my problem I simply went to trouble shoot on fire and refreshed Firefox, after which you re-start and update. After doing this I have re-run Sophos and the corrupted files were gone. Nice thing about Sophos is that it tells you what files are corrupted. Hope this helps.

We're going to need way more detail then what you've given. Tell us what scan you did, show us the results, etc etc

So..I got an infected file--I scanned it via clamscan. Is there a way to know what is the infected file? And what should I do to remove it?


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