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errors in Brazilian Portuguese translation


Hello, everyone!
I noticed a translation error in Brazilian Portuguese language. When you right click in the desktop, the option "Buscar aquii..." should be "Buscar aqui..." or even "Buscar aqui". The second "i" is a mistake. As you can see here:

Also, when you go to Control Panel, some elements shouldn't be translated because they loses their meaning. For example, the "Lite Sounds" element is translated to "Sons Leves". It's a bad translation because it's not intuitive. As a Brazilian Portuguese native speaker, would be better "Lite Sounds" or "Sons Lite". And, for the "Lite Widget", "Widget leve" Is not a good translation. Should be "Lite Widget". Everything that is related to the Lite system should have "Lite" and not "Leve". Image:

And should have an alias to the Control Panel named "Painel de Controle" because it is super intuitive and it just doesn't exist, as you can see here:

I'm enjoying the Linux Lite experience and it is a great OS. I would be pleasured to make this project even better. :)


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