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Jerry: or just click continue, continue, don't input anything.

Thank you

I did so and deleted all items within the seahorse app.

But I still get the alert, particularly during my trial of the Vivaldi browser.

Is there a troubleshooting process that I can follow to remove this alert request?

Thanks in advance.


--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install seahorse
--- End code ---


I am a recent Linux Lite 5.4 convert.

Previously successfully bypassed request: An application wants to create a new keyring called 'Default Keyring' even though I never set it nor did it accept my system password.  I thought that I had set up auto login but now I confirmed it via menu choice.

My question is where on the Lite menu do I access "Passwords and Keys" as you might in Ubuntu?  Is the only access via installing seahorse as I understand from the other forum links?

I ask because I may want to activate keyrings at a later time.  Thanks in advance for the help.


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