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ok that got me paranoid.... i like Chromuim cause of the HTML player.

Chromium is still outdated in the repository.  Version 56 is out, and I think the repository still shows version 53.  Does anyone know why that is?

Anyone wanting to download Chromium from either Ubuntu repos or synoptic package be advised neither of these as this date have updated to the latest 55 version which has been out. Good case for a rolling release. Threat is till there.

Yes I saw that when I went back to review it, nevertheless the warning about the repositories are still valid both in Ubuntu repos and synoptic packages which apparently do not update to the latest version right away so people should know about the threat.

If you read the info from your link more closely, you'll see that it has a less than sign for the affected versions and a greater than or equal sign next to the unaffected  versions.


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