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The following is the correct format in which to present a Bug Report. Also, we'll give an example of what constitutes an actual Bug.

DO NOT use the Prefix 'BUG' or anything else when creating your Thread title. An Admin, Active Developer or a Moderator will do that once it has been confirmed.

Example of what a Bug is

A 'Bug' means that a piece of Software either produces an error, and or it is not working or functioning as it should.

Example: You click on Lite Software and the window does not load. If we were to run Lite Software in a Terminal, we would see something like:

This is a Bug because the software does not work properly.

What is NOT a Bug

Example: You install Linux Lite, and your graphics card is only displaying at 800 x 600 when you know it's capable of a better resolution. This is NOT a Bug. This example would belong in the Hardware section under Video Cards. Hardware not working is NOT a bug. This is something that can usually be resolved with a file edit, a newer or the correct driver, or a kernel or system update for example.

How to report a Bug

If software is not working as it should, run the program's executable command in a Terminal, then report the Terminal output using: [ code ] terminal output here [ / code ] (without the spaces).


How do I find a programs executable command?

Example - Let's say we want to run the Text Editor, Mousepad. Open a Terminal, and most of the time the file name and executable will be the same.
Start typing the name of the software in lower case eg. mousep then press the Tab key on your keyboard. The file name should auto-complete.

Updates Problems -

Installing Linux Lite issues -

Installing Software issues -

Submitting a Bug Report to Gitlab (optional for advanced users)

Projects are hosted here -

Click on Issues on the left of the project you are submitting a Bug report for.

Follow the guide pinned to the top of each Issue labeled - How to submit a Bug Report or Feature Request
Copy the template markdown and fill in the necessary information.

Markdown Template: (change the application name from lite-desktop to the actual program name)

--- Code: ---**I'm submitting a ...**  (check one with "x")
[ ] Bug Report
[ ] Feature Request

**Bug Report:**

=> Show us the output in a Terminal of: **lite-desktop**

my terminal output here


**Feature Request:**

my feature request here
--- End code ---


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