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Bug on installation with luks - lvm: missing cryptsetup-initramfs package

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Hello, I tried to install Linux Lite 6.0 RC1 with LVM and luks encryption enabled, but when I first started it, it dropped to a initramfs prompt instead of prompting for the password to decrypt the luks partition.

Then I checked if initramfs was including the dm-crypt.ko module, but found out it was missing.
In the end I realized the package cryptsetup-initramfs was missing from the distribution, and in order to fix the issue I had to launch the live iso, then manually mount the encrypted root partition and chroot into it, and finally install the package cryptsetup-initramfs manually.

So please check if the package cryptsetup-initramfs is included on installation.



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Thanks, I'll take a look.


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Linux Lite 6.0 RC1 Released - See Release Announcements