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an issue in thunar i discovered


Prefix removed until confirmed.

Do your drives have NTFS partitions ?  If so, you might be experiencing the problems discussed in this link.

i may have found another issue
the iso image writer sort of jams up
the progress bar stops at about 1minute after starting
after the USB stick is already done, the CPU is still stuck on something inside the "job"
the task manager register the gnome disk app running at a level about 30% constantly
it continues to cycle after USB ejection
and stop only after closing the "disk" app

my first time posting
so this is what i have observed
in the first hr of use, i have plugged in and out multiple HDD/thumbdrives (by the normal mounting + unmounting rituals).
then i noticed 1 of the 2 HDD disappeared from the thunar left hand panel
i didnt think it is a biggie maybe a loose port?

after i rebooted, the 2 HDD n 2 other thumbdrives are there as usual
then after i added the 2 HDD to places as shortcut, they both disappeared
under media/user folder the 2 drives are still present
so it is still in "system" and not "undocked"
i could add remove it as shortcut, but it no longer appears as a "drive" (disappears from devices)
it appears as 2 drives when i freshly reboot the system.
the 2 thumbdrives appear as "xxxx-xxxx" labels in the media/user folder
i was wondering, does it have anything to do with me renaming the drives as "10000" and "22222"?
(*edit : most * = latest comment)

****** i use filefreesync and it sees the 2 HDD, and could sync the files between it.

******* aha, so i close all the thunar instances and reopen a fresh 1, the 2 HDD reappears under devices. but the 2 no longer have the "undock" button which it used to have. the thumbdrives still have the "undock" button.

does this count as a bug?


**and btw guys, great job with linux lite.
***i just need a net monitor and a cpu temp in the panel now.
**** and virtualbox works great ! faster than mint i would say.


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